Our windows utilize the highest quality glass and window spacer technologies to ensure the maximum amount of insulation efficiency. The design of our window panes involves multiple layers of glass, and the spaces between each pane are filled with invisible argon gas, which has extremely efficient insulating properties. Further insulative qualities are provided by multiple layers of silver coating on each window pane, which decreases the transfer of heat from each side of the window without compromising the clearness and visibility of the windows themselves.


Solar Reflective Coating

ClearMax windows come equipped with a high-tech polymer that has an incredible capability to reflect the heat from sunlight off of your windows and away from your home. This prevents your air conditioning from overworking and helps to keep your home nice and cool and comfortable during those hot, sunny days that we enjoy here in San Diego.


Energy Savings

ClearMax windows provide the ultimate way to keep the temperature in your home consistent while still being able to enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoors. The biggest source of temperature fluctuation in every home comes from windows, and these are literally where the biggest holes in your home’s insulation come from. Our windows are designed to completely minimize temperature fluctuation and not let the cool air escape in on those swelteringly hot days, and to keep your home cozy and warm on frigid winter days. The glass we provide for your windows also comes equipped with a special coating that keeps your windows sparklingly clean, so you don’t have to waste your personal energy scrubbing away at dust and spots.




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