Picture windows are windows that have a completely clear and open window pane, allowing your view to the outdoors to be one uninterrupted “picture” view. They are a spectacular window choices for rooms that offer stunning views of the outdoors, especially in rooms where you don't have to worry about ventilation. Ventilation, or the lack thereof, is a  key feature of picture windows in that they are completely stationary, meaning that they do not open and close. As a result, these kinds of windows offer the highest level of energy efficiency possible, as their inability to open results in the highest amount of insulative properties that windows can offer.


Picture windows are ideal when combined with other picture windows, and together they offer a maximized view of the outdoors, which is something that can add incredible aesthetic value to the room they occupy. Picture windows are already very energy efficient because they are sealed shut, however, even greater levels of insulative properties can be achieved with these windows when you opt to have them installed with double or even triple pane glass.

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